[AirDrop] Asteroid Token


ASTEROID (ADT) is a decentralized Token built on the Binance Smart Chain network (BSC). We choose the BSC Chain Protocol because the BSC Chain Protocol Technology is very supportive for needs, cheap transactions, and a wallet with a user-friendly interface. ASTEROID will release tokens for liquidity of decentralized exchanges at the early stage of token lifecycle. The mechanisms of ASTEROID are well designed by our team aims to provide the enjoyment and rationality. 


✅Please do the required tasks to be eligible to get airdrop tokens.

💠1 ADT = 20 USD

🔹For Joining - Get 2 ADT

⭐ For each referral - Get 0.5 ADT

📘By Participating you are agreeing to the ASTEROID TOKEN (Airdrop) Program Terms and Conditions. Please see pinned post for more information.

📍Withdraw date 12-04-2021

Link : https://t.me/ASTEROID_TOKEN_ADT_Airdrop_bot

Info Token 


Token Symbol : ADT

Token Type : BEP20 Binance Smart Chain

Decimal : 18

Contract Address : 0xeb7ab75f40a9183fa4e2a5b19b8113e87b38604c

Road Map Token 2021


• Launch airdrop

• Launch TokenSale 



• Listed soon PancakeSwap and Liquidity Lock

• Listed soon Julswap

Liquidity Lock



• Launch Trading Competition 

• Listed on Dcoin



• Big News Listed 2 New Exchange

• Opening Launchpad



• Big Partners

• Launch Stake Reward

• Token buy back



• Event Hold ADT

• Listed Major Exchange

• New Launchpad



• New Launchpad

• Big Partners



• ADT reward for ASTEROID TOKEN (ADT) Trader

• Token buy back


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