Airdrop: GasFarm Round 2


There was too much invalid participation in the first airdrop event so we decided to organize a new Airdrop event. This airdrop activity will be determine by draw. Don't worry! The first airdrop event will be considered valid still. Don't forget to join in and take your chances.

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How to get your AIRDROP?

Complete all following tasks and fill the form to get 100 $GFT and 25 $GFT each referral:

How do i get referral link?

Your telegram username is your referall. Who completing the airdrop form, should write your Telegram username where referall part.

- Following Twitter -
- Retweet (make sure to choose the Retweet with Comment option) the pinned Tweet on the GasFarm Twitter account, including #Tokensale, $GFT and #ICO hashtag. Make sure to tag 3 friends in your retweet.

-Join Telegram Group -
-Join Telegram Announcement -
-Following Medium -
-Visit Website -
- You must change your Twitter profile photo to the GasFarm logo.
- You must change your Telegram profile photo to the GasFarm logo and add the link next to your telegram name. (
-Your profiles must remain as shown above until Public Sale is ended (May31)

Notice!: All entries will be checked for valid ERC20 addresses, Retweet (“with comment”, or “quoted Retweet”) links, as well as valid Twitter and Telegram accounts. Duplicate entries will be disqualified, and bot entries will be removed. Entries that have not completed the steps above will be considered invalid.

Airdrop Details;

Starts: May 22, 2021
Ends: May 31, 2021
Total Airdrop amount: 500.000 GFT
Airdrop is worth 100 $GFT tokens
Each referral worth 25 $GFT, No maximum limit
Token Distribution: July 30, 2021

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